Walk into either of our stores and in addition to a plethora of the very best in bird seed and supplies, you will be met with an abundant amount of nesting boxes.  While for the inexperienced, having to choose from one of the different models can be a daunting task, but when informed, the process of selecting the right box can be a pleasure.

Our Nesting Boxes

While we can’t speak for everyone else on the market today, we can tell you that the majority of our nesting boxes are all constructed using reclaimed materials.  What this means is that no additional waste or resources were used up to create these fine works of art.

Each of these boxes, while definitely serving a purpose to our birds, are also used by many birders as beautiful accent pieces for their yards.  Their natural essence blends in perfectly with their natural surroundings and ends up being much more attractive to many species of birds.


Each model we proudly sell is also designed to be easily cleaned and maintained.  When it comes to nesting, the remnants of a spring season can be quite messy.  As birders, it is our duty to ensure our boxes are properly cleaned out and ready for use during the next season.  Each of our models features a hatch or door that allows easy and adequate access for cleaning.

American Kestrel Boxes

Officially North America’s smallest falcon, this migratory raptor nests in cavities such as holes in trees, poles and buildings and specially-designed boxes like the ones you will find in our stores.  These boxes are best placed in open areas such as fields or pastures, allowing these birds to do what they do best; hunt.


American Kestrel

Many birders also find saw-whet owls and screech owls utilizing these boxes with proper placement.

Wood Duck Boxes

When it comes to wood ducks, nothing helps them survive more than ample wood duck placement around marshes and swamps.   The invention of these boxes in the 1930’s is believed to be one of the leading factors contributing to the wood duck’s comeback in addition to the Migratory Bird Treaty.


Wood Duck Boxes in Our Store

Our wood duck boxes are all easy to clean but also feature a specialized mesh inside the boxes that allows the ducks to easily and safely exit the box using their uniquely designed feet, which include talon-like claws.

Purple Martin Houses

Another species that relies on the human placement of nesting sites is the purple martin.  In fact, the placement does not just help these birds along, they are 100 percent reliant on human-placed nesting boxes like our purple martin houses.


Purple Martin House

Models such as our 12-room purple martin house come complete with roof perch, guard rails, swing-out doors, winter hole caps, mounting brackets, dri-nest sub-floors, and a decoy to attract the birds initially.

Bat Boxes

While not quite passerines, another avian species we like to look out for is our native bat population.  With this in mind, we carry a line of bat boxes constructed of eastern cedar and rust-proof hardware.  These boxes serve as artificial roost sites for bats and feature a narrow entrance at the bottom allowing access for bats.  These are best utilized by being placed on walls or large trees and are a great addition to your property.


Bat Box from Gilligallou Bird

Other Boxes

In addition to these more specialized boxes, we also carry a number of more generic nesting boxes that are suitable for many other species of birds.  These boxes attract bluebirds, swallows, chickadees, woodpeckers and more!


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