This winter weather has most thinking about a vacation. But have you ever considered a bird watching excursion right here in the Great White North? Canada is home to a number of native and migrating bird populations, so while you might be planning some summer travel across our beautiful country, take note of some great birding opportunities and pack your optics and field guides.

Spring is creeping up on us, along with the best time of the year for bird watching. Whether you are a serious birder or just an enthusiast, you will see some memorable sightings any time of year, but the spring migration and nesting periods are undoubtedly some of the best times to get out and view our favorite feathered friends.


In the spring it is migratory season, raptor fans (no not Toronto Basketball fans) – hawks, bald eagles etc can be seen around Niagara Falls in the Beamer Memorial Conservation Area. Apparently, it is quite common to see the great birds soaring and wheeling in the updrafts. While in Niagara, you can also catch a glimpse of peregrine falcons that are just meters from the Horseshoe Falls.

Perhaps your spring vacation will take you to British Columbia where they have several variations of Eco-Tours. One tour focuses on the Great Horned Owl that takes people on educational excursions around Canada’s only desert. The Okanagan is also known to be a Mecca for bird watching.

With over 300 different species to be seen, bird watching in Saskatchewan is fantastic for viewing species rare and plentiful. With some planning and a little luck, you may be able to experience the thrill of sighting endangered species such as Piping Plovers, Sage Grouse, Burrowing Owls or even a Whooping Crane.

In Nova Scotia, you can take a boat tour that travels to Bird Islands and spent the time on the islands viewing spectacular wildlife and birds such as Atlantic Puffins, Bald Eagles, Razorbills and much more. The tour guides will provide lots of interesting and amusing facts and can be enjoyed by all.

Of course, staying in Canada is not your only option for bird watching. When traveling abroad whether it is in North America or across the globe bring your binoculars as there is always a wonderful and different bird to see.


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