Much like any extracurricular activity or hobby, we typically continue to add pieces, accessories and other items to our collection over time.  While many of us start with the simple stuff – a feeder and a bag of the best darn seed on Earth – others go with the binoculars or cameras, depending on the type of birding you plan on doing.

The fact of the matter is, everyone’s birding game is a little different and we all have different goals as to what we hope to get out of it, whether it be breathtaking photographs or simply connecting with nature on another level.


Once such piece of equipment, however, fits perfectly into almost any birder out there; the field guide.  Seasoned professionals, amateurs, and children all have a need for a field guide on one level or another.

Further to that, perhaps now, more than ever is a great time to invest in a field guide.  With disruptive weather patterns and changing temperatures, we are seeing more vagrant birds than ever, hence the need for an accurate reference point.

The Big Five Field Guides

Much like our Canadian banks, there are a group of five field guides on the market today that has cemented their place in the hearts of birders for a number of years.  All that to say, this has absolutely no bearing on the other field guides available as each has its pros and cons, most of the products available today are all high quality.

The Big Five:


Specialized Field Guides and Other Resources

In addition to the above (which we proudly carry), we also feature a number of more specialized birding guides in our stores.  These guides a smaller in size and are laminated, adding to their dexterity and durability.

One of our popular versions is our laminated guides dealing each with a specific species of bird.  If you want to learn more about warblers, for example, one of these guides will visually and contextually educate you on darn near everything you need to know about these birds.  In addition to warblers, we also carry these guides on raptors, owls and Ontario’s butterflies.

Feeling overwhelmed?  Don’t be!

While there is certainly a lot of choice in the field guide world, we have used them all (seriously).  Stop in and chat with us and we’ll surely point you in the right direction for your next or first field guide.




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