Magnum Finch Feeder

Bird Feeders by Woodlink
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Finches will love all the feeding space!

Deliver 360 degrees of thistle seed access with the Woodlink Plastic Magnum Nyjer Screen Feeder and feed more birds than any other feeder of comparable size. Built to survive the elements, the metal mesh screens of this simple design comfortably accommodate a flock of hungry songbirds and eliminate inevitable squabbles resulting from a limited number of seed ports. Fully assembled, ready to hang from any small tree branch or hook with the attached 5-1/4" chain and metal hook.


  • 8.500" L x 8.500" W x 12.500" H
  • Holds up to 5 lbs seed
  • Overhanging roof to protect your seed from the weather
  • Easy to clean with filling from the top
  • Made in the USA

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