Night Skies of Canada, Super Explorers

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Super Explorers take you up into the stars to see the wonders of the night sky above:

• For the best night sky watching, leave the city and go into the countryside or wilderness
• You can see many interesting things in the night sky just by looking up—stars, planets, moons, comets, meteor showers, satellites and aurora
• Jupiter has 69 moons; you can easily see its 4 Galilean Moons with binoculars or a telescope
• Look up into the night sky for constellations—groups of stars that form patterns and represent creatures or gods
• Just after sunset or before sunrise, you may see a rare Green Flash on the horizon.
Look for the star charts at the back of the book to find out which constellations to look for in spring, summer, fall and winter!


      • 6 - 8 years
      • 64 pages
      • 13.97 x 0.64 x 19.69 cm
      AUTHOR: Tamara Hartson

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