Premium Hand Sanitizer

Hand Sanitizer by Klean Earth
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Keep your family safe by keeping a bottle accessible everywhere you go. Great for shopping, school, sporting events, and all your special occasions.  

Antibacterial Spray Kills 99.9% Of Germs

  • Uplifting and Energizing Citrus Scent
  • Soothing and Calming Lavender inspired Scent
  • Unscented Gentle on Sensitive Skin


  • 70% ALCOHOL 
  • Made from food-grade ethyl alcohol
  • Zero waste / sustainable packaging
  • 250ml Aluminum Spray Bottle
  • Fast Drying formula that moisturizes and leaves your hands feeling smooth
  • Unscented and Scented Formulas are Gentle on Sensitive Skin
  • No Unnecessary Nasties Added 
  • Safe for Ages Two and Over
  • Specially formulated with your health in mind and the health of the planet. 
  • Expiration 3 Years
  • Proudly Canadian

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