Chickadee Dee-Caffeinated Arabica Coffee

Bird Friendly Coffee by Gilligallou Bird
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Gilligallou Bird's Chickadee Dee-Caffeinated Blend is an Arabica Coffee.  A superior blend of high-quality beans decaffeinated using the Swiss-Water process, dark roasted for a robust coffee flavour.


You can easily aid in the fight against habitat destruction for some of our favourite migratory birds while they are away during the winter months by purchasing our high quality, bird-friendly shade grown coffee.

Coffee was traditionally produced on bushes that required a good amount of shade to survive and underneath this canopy of cover, was a very natural habitat for wildlife, especially birds. Over time, high yielding, sun-tolerant coffee bushes were soon developed, eliminating the need for these shady regions where both wildlife and plant life flourished. While these innovations did increase production exponentially, it also brought on widespread use of pesticides and herbicides.

In light of these changes in production, the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Centre(SMBC) developed the only 100% organic and shade-grown coffee certification available, aptly named Bird Friendly.

The Bird Friendly label  ensures the product is 100% organic and shade-grown. 

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