Hawks & Owls of Eastern North America

Books by Chris Earley
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A nice handy guide to hawks and owls, especially for beginners and less experienced birders... A valuable reference.

With their legendary nocturnal behaviour, a preference for remote habitats, changing migratory patterns, and swift flight speeds, birds of prey are particularly difficult to identify and track. Hawks and Owls of Eastern North America depicts the subtle differences and rich diversity among these magnificent birds. Precise identification notes and more than 200 crisp, clean photographs aid in quick and accurate classifications of a variety of raptors.


  • 16 additional new pages and over 200 photographs
  • The book profiles 39 species among the New World vultures, osprey, kites, eagles, hawks and allies, falcons, owls and vagrants.
  • Descriptions are concisely organized and show sexual dimorphism, seasonal and immature plumage, and distinctive markings.
  • Photographs show the birds in their natural environments through the seasons.
  • Range maps show where each species is normally found, increasing the probability of a sighting.
  • Comparison charts with "look-alike" birds grouped on a single page are a distinct advantage when trying to identify a quick-flying hawk.

AUTHOR: Chris Earley

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