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Our bird feed and bird food blends are always Non-GMO, and pesticide-free. Non-GMO bird feed means our bird food is always made with no fillers, no weed seed, no grass seed, and no wheat seed - only the good stuff! Filled with nutrients and high-quality ingredients, the bird food and bird feed blends carried at Gilligallou Bird are based on the study of birds, using 100% seed. With our bird feeds, you can feel confident that you are feeding the wild birds in your backyard and garden feed and seed that is high in nutritional value and right for them. Attract a variety of wild birds to your backyard and garden with our custom-made bird feed and bird food blends. Whether you live in an urban area or a rural area, we have bird feed and bird food that will suit the wild birds in your area. Browse our wide selection of various premium bird feed and bird food blends for a variety of seasons, birds and areas. Shop black oil sunflower feed, nyjer seed, carnal seed, hummingbird nectar, suet, cracked corn and more bird feed all custom-made in Ontario Canada by Mill Creek Seed Co. Shop online and in-store for bird food and bird feed from your local Canadian backyard birding specialty store.