Mason Bee Shelter

Bee House by Lake & Cabin
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Watch gentle bees and insects pollinate the plants in your yard, while you attract more birds with the Mason Bee Shelter from Lake & Cabin. Insects provide your birds with essential protein to feed their nestlings during breeding season. Great for attracting more birds to your yard with an important part of their diet! Part of the Lake & Cabin collection, this Mason Bee house holds 94 refillable nesting tubes, perfectly sized for your native bees. The anchored front perch pivots down to replace the included nesting tubes. Mount against any flat surface. Includes easy hanging tab with retro “Bee Lodge” sign, red directional arrow and refillable nesting tubes. Made from clear-coated cedar, which resists weather so your bee house lasts longer.


  • 6-1/4 x 9-3/4 x 6-1/2 inches tall.
  • Clear-coated cedar
  • 94 refillable nesting tubes
  • 5/16 inch diameter nesting holes, great for Mason Bees
  • Place in a sunny location with early morning sun

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