You’ve always enjoyed Mother Nature and everything she has to offer and have found yourself to have a particular affinity for our feathered friends. While we proudly service birders of all levels of experience, we do pride ourselves on having a wealth of information to offer those just dipping their toes in the birding water, so to speak.

We receive a number of comments and questions on a daily basis and among them is “what kind of feeder should I start with?”  And to that, the answer is always relatively easy.  A fly-through feeder.

When it comes to ease of operation as well as offering prospective birders with the best opportunity to view birds in a short period of time, these feeders are incredibly tough to beat. Here are a few reasons why we always recommend them to new birders or as a compliment to a yard filled with other styles of feeders.



When it comes to having a feeder filled with a variety of birds, look no further than one of our fly-through feeders. Offering a safe landing point for birds, these feeders cater to those bird species who are able to perch as well as those who are not.

As you are likely aware, birds are typically classified as either perching feeders or ground feeders. While perching birds will certainly take advantage of everything these feeders have to offer, you will also see a number of species typically spotted on the ground below other feeders.

One such species?  The northern cardinal.  These beautiful birds love these platform-style feeders and offer birders a unique viewpoint for one of the most popular species during this time of year.


When we first set out in this business, our goal was not only to provide Ottawa birders with the right advice and solutions for their backyard birds, we wanted high-quality products to back them up. As such, every feeder we carry is built using the best practices and from the very best materials available. Our fly-through feeders are no exception to this rule. Constructed of cedar, they are able to withstand four seasons and are easily mounted to a pole to keep squirrels and other unwanted visitors at bay. Additionally, the bottom of our fly-through feeders is made with a heavy-duty mesh bottom that allows moisture to easily seep through or dry, preserving the high-quality of your seed.


If you are mounting a fly-through feeder on a pole system (a very popular choice), many folks opt for adding an additional platform feeder directly below. This serves two functions, first; it acts as a catch-all for any seed below and second, it allows for more birds to feed at the same time. For birders that want to accommodate every bird in the neighbourhood, this is the configuration of choice!


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