Special is an adjective that gets thrown a lot these days, but oftentimes does not truly represent the subject being explained.  When it comes to our seed selection, however, our product truly is special and we have years of research and droves of happy birders to back it up.

When it came to launching our flagship store a little over five years ago, our number one goal was to provide a healthy, safe and high-quality seed to our customer base.  After years of feeding our birds “other” seed, we quickly realized it simply was not a product that would truly benefit our backyard birds or the environment.

So we set off on our journey and formed a partnership with our dear friends at the Mill Creek Bird Company, who developed a product that not only fit our stringent standards, but exceeded them.  Here’s how…


The Finer Details

It is here where our bird seed exceeds most any other product on the market today, the details.  Rather than mass-producing bags of seed and blanketing them across all four seasons, our seed is blended based on a variety of factors.  The engineering process of this seed took seasonal needs of birds into account, it took geographical location into account and it considered the different species of birds each bag was meant to feed.

Put all these considerations together and you undoubtedly have a very high-quality product that is packaged in a unique biodegradable bag and one that was engineered with one thing in mind: to give birds everything they need at any time during the calendar year.


Garden Friendly Blend

Human-Grade Bird Seed

That’s right, this seed is considered fit for human consumption by the Canadian Health and Food Inspection Agency.  The “other” guys…well they can’t quite say the same.  In addition to being considered human or food-grade seed, this seed is also endorsed and backed by ornithological research.

Consumer Value

While it is all about the birds here at Gilligallou, we like to give back as well, where and when we can!  Each and every bag of our seed is just that, 100 percent seed.  In most “other” bags of bird seed, you can easily account for a minimum of 50 percent wastage.


17 Different Seed Blends


As we said above, there is not a one-solution birdseed out there to satisfy every species of bird at every season of the year.  We proudly carry 17 different varieties of seed, each formulated to feed birds at different times of the year, in different areas and for specific species.  From our urban or rural blends to our cardinal or finch formulas, we’ve got the seed your birds need!


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