While the actual start of winter doesn’t kick off until we get a little closer to Christmas, the truth is, it has arrived slightly ahead of schedule here in the Ottawa Valley. With temperatures well below the minus 20 range already here in November and a few healthy servings of snow, Jack Frost is nipping at our heels and it’s time to get our yards ready.

In addition to our customized seed blends, each matched for the season and your residential neighborhood, one of our favourite winter offerings in our yard is our suet.

Rendered safely and made from a number of healthy ingredients, our suet options are seemingly endless and so is the enjoyment they offer any bird watching enthusiast.

With temperatures below the freezing mark, it is no secret that our small songbirds, woodpeckers, blue jays and the like are in need of reliable food sources. As Bob always says, “birds eat to create heat!”

The best part about offering suet to your backyard birds truly is in the many ways you can offer it. When it comes to suet cakes, we have a variety of options including small cages that can accommodate one cake at a time, or larger cages that can accommodate up to four cakes as well as support larger birds like our pileated woodpeckers.

Beyond that, we have our brand-spanking-new Squirrel Buster Suet feeders which, as the name suggests, go that extra mile to keep squirrels out of your suet while allowing birds to safely perch and enjoy throughout the winter months.

Finally, in mixing yard art with bird feeding, we have our customized Fathead Suet Feeders. Crafted by local artisan and friend Dave Card, these wooden carvings are a favourite and sell out very quickly each and every year they are available. With carvings including animated faces, these wooden hanging pieces also are equipped with a number of holes made for suet. We simply stuff each one with suet and await the flocks of birds that are instantly attracted to these natural wood additions to our yard.

For more information about suet, or to learn more about our winter suet special (save 10% per case!), check us out online or pop in and see us in Almonte!

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