While for many of us avid bird watchers, the fall season can be somewhat bittersweet.  As the nights turn colder and days get shorter, we also lose a large number of our feathered visitors that call the Ottawa area home (and some that traditionally don’t).

As more birds are literally leaving us by the day, it’s not all somber news.  In fact, we’re having a celebration of sorts.

Despite the fall season and pending winter rolling in faster than many might like, this time of year is one for reflection for us as we mark yet another year aiding Ottawa and the surrounding area’s bird populations and the birders who love them.

As September approaches so does our 6-year anniversary of opening the doors to our flagship store in picturesque Almonte, Ontario.  Along the way, our journey has blessed us with a number of memorable experiences, friends, followers, and plenty of birds.


In celebration of our 5-year anniversary in 2016, we grew our flock to one more as we presented our Preston Street location to the remainder of the Ottawa area.  Housed in a stylish brick house, our Preston Street store has once again given us the opportunity to not only expand our reach but to also make a difference in the urban birding experience as it continues to grow through cities across North America.

Celebrations Mean Savings

As part of our anniversary celebrations, we would like to take the time to say thank you to each and every one of you that has helped us along the way. Like a bird migrating for thousands of miles, the Gilligallou Bird’s journey has been a busy one, full of surprises along the way.

Of all of the things that have remained constant over the years, it is the undeniable support we have received from our customers and the community around us.  While every day brings new faces into our stores and lives, it also brings the familiar ones that have been with us since the beginning.

As our way of saying thank you, we will be offering specials all through the month of September to our valued customers, old and new.  Be sure to stay tuned to our social media channels, the Gilligallou Bird Blog and our website for updates on the upcoming deals.

Thank you all, once again, for your unwavering support.


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