We spent the better part of the spring and summer both educating our birders and building our very own backyard habitat for birds, insects, and other wildlife with fantastic results.  You can view the entire project on our YouTube Channel. Our intention here is to create habitat as much as possible within any size yard, native plants, and grasses. Seed and berry-producing shrubs and tree are that not only provide food but, much-needed cover, nesting sites and protection from inclement weather. With summer well in our rear-view, many people have started to ask questions regarding a few things they can do this time of year to enhance both their yards and the quality of natural habitat and feed they can provide to local bird populations.


This one is important any time of the year, and the fall is no exception.  With fall migration kicking into gear migrating birds, both those leaving and those passing through, are in search of reliable, clean and safe water sources.  In addition to having a bird bath set up, you will want to ensure it is properly cleaned and filled with fresh water on a fairly regular basis.



For those interested in taking their backyard to the next level, consider adding a mister or dripper to your bird bath.  The movement of the water makes it irresistible to birds passing through who will often stop in for a drink and or a bath.

Let Your Garden Alone

As tempting as it might be to pull old stocks of dying or dead vegetation from your gardens, especially those with vegetable gardens, refrain from doing it and your birds will thank you.  What is left behind is a variety of old seed heads from flowers and garden plants that many birds will take the opportunity to feed on during the fall season.


Don’t Cut the Grass

We mean this in a relative sense, of course.  In addition to leaving a bit of a cushion for the coming winter’s snow, having your grass get a little bit out of control during the late fall months again leaves a buffet of seed heads and insects for passing birds to feast on.  Many sparrows, buntings, and finches will make regular stops right in your front lawn, offering unforgettable views with a beautiful fall backdrop.


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