As we head through the middle of the month of April, we’re all slightly more confident that the wonderful spring weather is here to stay. Regardless of the outside temperatures, most of us already know that a great deal of our spring migrants has arrived here in the Ottawa region over the past few weeks, as we have been treated to the delightful sounds of songbirds each and every morning.

As the snow continues to melt away, many of us are scratching our outdoor itch, eyeing out backyard spaces and gardens, ready to tackle spring maintenance and clean up ahead of what looks to be some consistently warmer weather.

With our birds in mind, we wanted to touch on a few items that should be added (and checked off) you spring backyard list.

Feeder Bases

Depending on the type of seed you use, this time of year is perfect for breaking out the rake and cleaning up below any pole or hanging feeders you have been diligently filling over the winter months. While our seed does not germinate, there will undoubtedly be a pile of hulls from seeds previously enjoyed by our feathered friends.

A quick cleanup below will make way for new growth and ensure your feeders are ready to roll over the coming months. Not a fan of the cleanup?  Many folks have fallen in love with our Garden Friendly blend, which is already hulled, leaves no mess in the spring (or any other time of year).

Feeder Cleaning

This is the perfect time of year to get out and polish up those bird feeders that have not been cleaned since the winter ended. As we are all aware, a dirty feeder lends itself to germs and the spread of disease.

No matter what type of feeder you own, ensure you bring it indoors and give it a good cleaning ahead of the spring rush.

Nesting Boxes

While some species are already busy nesting, more are preparing for the busy time of the year. As such, a good spring item to add and check off your list is a good nesting box inspection. Head out into your yard and give your boxes a once-over, ensuring they are all opening and closing properly and are in good repair.

Many of us like to leave debris and old nests inside during the winter months to allow our winter birds some refuge from the cold winter nights but as we transition into the breeding and nesting season, ensure they are cleaned out and ready for the new generation.

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