When it comes to feeding our wild birds, maintenance matters.  With the potential for the spread of illness and disease among birds and other species, keeping our feeders properly cleaned is something we cannot ignore.

While we all live busy and dutiful lives, feeder maintenance must be among our top priorities, especially during the damp spring months and the hot summer months.  As moisture makes its way into our feeders either from rain or condensation, the seed inside is immediately at risk for spoilage, and if not addressed, this can be detrimental to our backyard birds.


For this reason, we proudly carry only the best in feed and seed and have searched high and low for the best feeders on the market.  Aesthetics and functionality aside, we aim to provide our customers with easy to maintain and operate feeders and as such, have compiled a list of some of our more popular models, highlighting how easy it is to keep them clean and ready to feed.

Squirrel Buster

These famously Canadian-made feeders have changed everything in our industry regarding keeping squirrels out of your bird seed.  Their unique design and engineering are second to none when it comes to functionality and the same can be said when attempting to clean these feeders.

Each one is equipped with a trademark detachable component system that allows the feeder to be broken down in a matter of minutes.  The five pieces that remain are all 100 percent dishwasher safe and can be loaded in the top rack of any dishwasher in a standard cycle for easy cleaning.

Aspects Tube Feeders

In addition to being wonderfully functional, these feeders are also amazingly durable.  Constructed of polycarbonate plastics, all of our Aspect tube feeders are among the best in the business and our small birds such as finches love them, with good reason.


Each one of these feeders are equipped with Quick-Clean Seed system. This unique system is designed to push seed to the outside of the feeder toward the vented food ports.  When it comes to cleaning, this feeder is easily dismantled by removing the base of the feeder without any tools.

Hummingbird Feeders

Perhaps the one type of feeder that truly requires the most maintenance is our hummingbird feeders.  Given the nature of the type of feed these feeders are designed to hold, it is no surprise that these feeders can become a hot, sticky mess in no time at all.


Also designed and manufactured by our partners at Aspects, these feeders make cleaning and maintenance a breeze.  Simply remove the cover and clean before refilling and you are on your way!


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