In somewhat of a follow-up to last week’s wildly popular topic, we thought we would, once again, touch on the subject of squirrels around backyard bird feeders.

For years we’ve heard rumblings and have fielded questions from folks asking about the safety and effectiveness of mixing in hot chili peppers into their bird seed in an attempt to deter squirrels and other rodents from feasting in their feeders.

The short answer is, don’t do it.

When it comes to squirrels, there are typically two camps of birders on the subject; one that doesn’t mind squirrels participating in the feast and other that would simply rather they stay out of their feeders.

We think a safe assumption to make about birders, particularly the ones we know, is that none of us are even remotely interested in causing any harm to squirrels or any other member of the animal kingdom. This was one of the main reasons we wanted to touch on the chili pepper subject and advocate against it!


Safe Squirrel Solutions

For those of us simply looking for a solution to deter squirrels from gaining access to your feeders, nothing beats the solutions we proudly carry in our store.

The first is highly customized and can be built into literally anything you can dream up. Our pole systems are not only 110 percent effective in keeping squirrels out of the feed, they are also a beautiful centrepiece to any backyard.

Starting with the strong and durable ground screw, these systems are built from the ground up and can feature a squirrel baffle and any number of feeders by attaching one of our two, three or four arm attachments. Going beyond that, they are built to accommodate larger feeders such as fly-through and hopper feeders as well as hummingbird feeders, suet cages and so much more.

Another innovative product our Squirrel Buster products, sold by Brome Bird Care - a proudly Canadian company. These come in a variety of sizes and configurations and are operated with a spring-loaded mechanism that quickly closes when something as heavy as a squirrel gets on to it, locking in the seed inside.

While the “battle” with squirrels carries on for most, we are here to help by providing innovative and safe products not only for our backyard birds but for all of the wildlife that we encounter on a daily basis.

Questions?  Please do not hesitate to ask, or visit us in-store for a quick chat!

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