You wouldn’t know it by the blanket of snow we were so fortunate to have bestowed upon us yesterday but Spring is here and we are getting the yard ready for the season.

While this does include the normal duties such as raking up what is left from last year and a little spring cleaning, it is also a time we like to have a look at our habitat creation projects.

As most of you are aware, creating valuable habitat for our birds and countless other species of insects and wildlife is beneficial to the ecosystem as a whole.

While gardening is certainly a big aspect of this, there are many other complimentary elements that can be added to almost any yard that can and will take your habitat creation game to a whole new level.


Bird Feeders

Yes, that’s right, bird feeders are obviously a vital element of a backyard oasis for birds and other wildlife. In addition to keeping your birds fed, it attracts them to your yard where they will hopefully soon find other sources of suitable food and shelter close by.


Also known as dead trees, snags are standing fallen trees that lend themselves perfectly as sources of food and adequate shelter. Insect-eating birds can often be found traversing downed trees searching for their next meal and many cavity and ground-nesting bird species will take up residence here during the spring season.


Outside of the birds, it also provides great shelter to many small mammals.

Rain Barrels

Recycling water is awesome for the environment, there are no two ways about that. In addition to allowing for an alternative to your homes garden house, these barrels can also provide a reliable source of water for many species of birds as well.

Brush Piles

Much like snags, these small piles of brush make for either a great hiding place, a nest or both! Take a closer look around brush piles in the woods or around your neighborhood and you will often be treated to birds flittering about.

Compost Heaps

Compost or as some refer to it; controlled decomposition, is absolutely fantastic for our natural world. Considering landfills are overrun by compostable materials, starting a small heap in your yard is a step in the right direction.


In addition to the environmental advantages, compost heaps are full of wildlife including insects, snails, and slugs – a perfect combination of valuable food for our backyard birds.


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