Summer came in fairly quickly for most of us here in North America, definitely here in the Ottawa area after our long drawn out winter. With the temperature on the rise, and the sun beaming its beautiful rays of heat, we can’t forget to take the proper precautions when heading out on a birding excursion.

Stay Hydrated

Whether going out to spend some time in the backyard cleaning and refilling feeders, or out for a hike on your favorite trails, bringing water is always a good idea. In the summer months, temperatures can rise quickly, turning your crisp morning into a hazy afternoon quite quickly. Be ready with the proper hydration, and don’t forget to do the same for your birds; keep those bird baths and feeders stocked.


Avoid Dry, Open Locations

Wide open, un-shaded fields, meadows, and other open areas should be avoided during the peak hours of the day for heat. These areas can provide very little refuge if the sun ends up getting the best of you. Make sure you are traversing through an area where you can quickly seek shade.

Dress For The Weather

Depending on the location you are traversing, you will need to evaluate your clothing selection as well. Natural and neutral colors are typically best for birding, as bright colors can sometimes stand out to birds. Make sure your clothing is loose-fitting and comfortable, and that you are able to easily shed a layer if need be.

There are many added benefits to bird watching during the summer months. With extended daylight hours, we now have a longer window of time to be out in the field observing our favorite species while they are showing off their wonderful summer plumage.

If you are planning an excursion on a hot and sunny day, take the proper precautions, make sure someone knows where you are going to be and have fun!


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