Well, here we are, officially six months into our second home down in the heart of Ottawa and loving every minute of it.  While the time has certainly flown (pun intended), we wanted to highlight the store, once again for those that have yet to visit us or perhaps those now planning their busy spring season of birding.

As the snow continues to melt away, many sounds of spring can be heard as there are already many early reports of migrants returning to the Ottawa area well ahead of schedule.  That being said, there are actually a number of species that do in fact begin their nesting season this month such as owls, cardinals, hawks, eagles and crows.

With all of that in mind, we hope to see more of you over the coming months in our Preston Street location and here’s what you can expect!


Location and Parking

Little Italy truly is one of Ottawa’s crown jewels, playing host to some of the city’s best eateries, watering holes and shops, and stores.  Our store at 160 Preston is located just a couple blocks south of Somerset Street, between Anderson Street and Poplar Street.

We chose the location not only for its vibrant city appeal but also for the pure walkability of Preston Street.  Stretching from the gates at Carling Ave, all the way to Somerset, Preston provides a unique promenade for any of us to traverse.  As you can easily make it from one end to the other under about 15-20 minutes, coming to visit us and the other great merchants also allow for some brisk exercise, for those so inclined.

Parking is available right out front of our store, but as with all city parking, is on a first come, first served basis.  Additionally, customers often find ample parking on Poplar Street, or one of the many side streets both east and west of our location.

What You’ll Find in Store

Sure, both of our locations are well-stocked with everything the avid birder needs, but we do try to gear our Preston Street location more to the urban birding crowd, given our vicinity to the city.  We tend to stock more of our urban seed blends in our Ottawa store to serve city-dwelling residents and their birds better as well as plenty of pole systems and window feeders that are perfect for urban backyards and even apartment buildings.

In fact, customers of ours in New York City proudly send us pictures of their bird feeder perched high above New York’s Upper East Side periodically!

In addition to the urban-focused products, you will also find our other products as well.  Given that this particular location adequately serves Gatineau and other communities across the river in Quebec, we truly carry a little something for every bird and birder out there.

With that in mind, if something is not in our Preston location, we promise to get it to you as soon as humanly possible!

Keep an eye to the skies this spring and join us down on Preston Street as we continue to cement ourselves as Eastern Ontario’s Backyard Birding Specialty Store!


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