It’s been a busy year here at the Gilligallou Bird!  As most of you know, August marked the unveiling of our second location in Ottawa’s Little Italy neighbourhood.  Our newest location at 160 Preston Street has been treating us very well and has turned into yet another birding hotspot here in the greater Ottawa area.

With our customers in mind, we decided to expand, once again, this fall to better serve our growing clientele.  As with operating our two locations here around Ottawa, we have now officially launched the Gilligallou Bird Online Store.


Adding another level of convenience, our online store aims to serve those who wish to order from the comfort of their own home or those that might live outside of the city limits.  In doing so, we proudly offer our current, past and future customer bases a safe and secure online shopping experience.

At the moment, we are still developing our product offering available on our online portal, but invite you all to check it out at your earliest convenience, and let us know what, if anything, you would like to see available for purchase on our website.

We are currently offering four collections of products on our online store, as outlined below:

Anti-Collision Decals

Keeping our birds safe from window collisions is of top priority for many birders and these decals do a splendid job of preventing birds from hitting your windows.  Their small size and light weight make them an easily shipped item!

Hanging Feeders

We’ve all heard the talk about our Squirrel Buster products and now you can take advantage of these anti-squirrel engineered feeders from the comfort of your computer.  We currently offer six Squirrel Buster models for purchase, browse our selection today!

Tube Feeders

Perfect for nyjer seed and goldfinches and other small songbirds.  You can choose from up to three different models on our online store, with more to come!

Window Feeders

There really isn’t anything quite like being captivated by a number of birds feeding on one of our window feeders.  Giving you a unique perspective from inside your home, these feeders are great for the kids as well.  We currently have our budget window feeder model, our jewel box hummingbird window feeder as well as the Window Cafe models available for purchase online.

We hope all of you will continue to visit us in our brick and mortar locations (we’ll miss you), but do invite you to continually check back for more and new product offerings available online.  Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter, as we release special offers, sales, discounts and giveaways exclusively to our email subscribers!



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