As the leaves and other debris begin to fall from our backyard trees this autumn, it becomes just as important a time than ever to keep an eye on your bird baths to ensure they are kept clean.   In addition to protecting your birds from the possible spread of disease, having clean water in your bird bath also works wonders in attracting a larger number of birds to your backyard oasis.


As with most problems, prevention is often the best way to keep your backyard water sources clean with less maintenance. If you notice your current bird bath is constantly in need of cleaning, perhaps it is a good time to consider a change in location. Choose a location that is away from your feeders, saving excess seed from falling in, and one that is relatively shady but out of the way of most falling leaves and twigs. A shady location with go a long way in minimizing water evaporation as well as slowing the growth of any algae that might occur.


Cleaning Tips

  1. A full birdbath is a clean bird bath. Lower volumes of water are more susceptible to the spread of algae and disease. Do your very best to always empty the existing water before refilling a bird bath.
  2. Use the hose. Break out the hose and give your bath a good, thorough rinse. Your birds will thank you for it. Want an extra squeaky clean? Try a pressure washer to really get a deep clean!
  3. Keep up your regular maintenance. Make cleaning your bird baths a part of your weekly birding routine, while out filling feeders; be sure to keep a watchful eye on your water sources and clean once a week or more if necessary.


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