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Just as we mentioned in our earlier post on how to properly clean out your birdhouses this time of year, it is also an important time to have a good look at the condition of the entrance holes on your backyard birdhouses as well.

When you first purchased your birdhouse, you most likely paid a little bit of attention to the size of the hole on that particular birdhouse to ensure your backyard birds could both fit inside the house and be effectively protected against any predators. If holes are a little too big, you not only run this risk of predation on your feathered friends, but you can also find that your birdhouse now is home to other, less-desirable species of birds.

There are a number of ways your birdhouse can and will become damaged over time. The number one cause of entrance deterioration is from the constant activity of the birds residing inside of it season after season. The constant in and out can quickly wear down the wood and drastically increase the size of the hole over time. You may also find that other animals searching for prey can attempt to chew away at the hole to gain access to the birds living inside.

If you notice that your birdhouse hole is in need of some TLC, this might be the best time of year to bring it inside and repair the problem. When it comes to repairing a damaged entrance, you have a limited amount of options other than replacing the birdhouse altogether.

Replace the Front Panel

One option is to simply replace the panel containing the entrance hole. Many birders who have experienced extended problems with the wear and tear around the entrances to their birdhouses will choose to opt for a thicker panel when replacing the original. This option should hopefully get you a few more years out of the house, or even permanently deter any predators from chewing away at it.

Add a Cover Plate

Most likely your easiest option, a cover plate is a simply designed solution specifically for this problem. If you are unsure what size of hole you are using on your house, be sure to measure and purchase the properly desired size of the cover plate that snugly fits over the old hole. These sturdy plates are typically made of metal and provide a permanent solution to this problem.


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