As most of you know, we take a lot of pride in every product we carry in both of our Ottawa stores and as such, we believe each one we offer for sale is among the best available for the benefit of our birds.

With the increasing awareness surrounding window collisions recently, much has gone into the design and manufacturing of window solutions to deter deadly strikes.  Estimates peg the number of annual bird deaths caused by window strikes to be in the billions (with a B), with many estimating that each building here in North America could kill 10 or more birds per year.  With nearly one million buildings in the city of Toronto alone, it is no wonder this problem has gained so much traction recently.


As such we are proud to announce that we have brought on another stellar product into our stores and one that is specifically designed to save birds in the most effective way possible.  Designed and manufactured by the innovative team at 3M’s Convenience Group, the Feather Friendly line of bird deterrent solutions is tough to beat.

Using scientific findings, Feather Friendly found that to be the most effective at preventing strikes, all markers should be placed on the exterior surface of glass, rather than the interior.  It was found that the surface reflection of the glass masked any and all markers on interior surfaces otherwise.

While being completely visible to our avian friends, the Feather Friendly products have been proven to provide in excess of 98 percent clear viewing for human occupants.  Unlike other products on the market today, these systems do not detract from the building appearance itself, instead, they offer building owners and homeowners an unobtrusive and pleasing design.


Feather Friendly Installed on a Residential Window

Their sleek and innovative design is winning not only homeowners, but commercial real estate owners and management companies as well.  Lining many prominent buildings located in large cities across North America, the Feather Friendly solution is aiming at slashing these kinds of unnecessary bird deaths.

In addition to the product, a portion of the sales price from each roll of Feather Friendly Bird Collision Deterrent Marker Tape sold by 3M is donated to FLAP (Fatal Light Awareness Program) Canada.


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