As we approach the Labor Day weekend, it is a sure sign that summer, for the most part, is surely coming to close. For birders, this can be somewhat bittersweet as we also prepare to lose many of our backyard visitors we have grown accustomed to having around during the spring and summer. This being said, depending on your location, you are certainly going to experience some departures, but you might also be fortunate enough to have new arrivals from the north.

None the less, it is no secret that migration is a difficult journey for our feathered friends and as birders, we can certainly help them prepare for their long trek southward. Here are a few ways to aid our backyard birds as they go through changes to prepare for fall migration.

The Right Feed

We are big proponents to feeding your birds the very best seed available.  Our seed is of the highest grade on the market, with no waste, blended to create the best food value possible. High in protein to build muscle and strength during the summer while raising their young and in preparation for the fall migration.   Our Hummingbird, Oriole and Butterfly nectar are also high in food value, studies have suggested that the use of processed sugar may have long-term negative effects, that and it creates empty calories and low food value.

For the bug eaters such as Warblers (which are moving through our area in numbers right now) we have a dried mealworm product. This can be feed year-round to provide a very high protein food value to support the birds during migration or to help the many species that stay to survive our winters.  These various feeding options will not only help our birds, but they will also provide you with the opportunity to see birds you would otherwise never see, #fillyourfeeders


Watch Out for Predators

Your birds are going through a lot of changes in the fall months so do your best to control predators where and when possible. If you have cats monitor their activity outdoors as much as possible as birds are more vulnerable to predators during this time.

Keep Baths Full

Just the same as food, your birds need water just as badly as they gear up for migration. Bathing will allow birds to maintain their feathers in preparation for the long flight while the sight and sound of moving water can attract passing migrants and allow them to find a good food source and shelter for their layover.


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