Yes, we love birds.

We started this for the love and protection of birds as most of you know and plan on continuing that for many years to come.  That being said, we are also outdoors-people and love all it has to offer, including our feathered friends.

With that in mind, we have slowly but surely expanded our product offerings over the past couple of years to not only scratch our own itch but to simultaneously better serve our clientele, who too are outdoor enthusiasts. With products ranging from custom work by local artisans to food and drink, we truly are way more than just a bird store.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that…


Outdoor Products

As enthusiasts of the outdoor world, it was more than natural that we expand our product offering serving the outdoor sector.  When it comes to camping, we don’t supply the tent, but we do have many accessories that will certainly serve to compliment your next excursion.

From wildlife tracking products to Canadian weather sticks, Nalgene water bottles, thermocell lanterns, walking poles, umbrellas and camp suds, we have those last minute items that might otherwise be overlooked.


While our feeders and nesting boxes can certainly fall under this category, we also proudly feature a variety of work from local artisans.  When it comes to special occasions, we stock a variety of nature-inspired greeting cards along with beautiful local artwork to adorn the walls of your home.

Additionally, you will find carvings made from our in-house craftsman Dave Card who is infamous around Ottawa for his fathead suet feeders.


Fathead Suet Feeders


Not quite a library, but close!  We specialize in Field Guides, hand-picking a number of our favorites each year that can help everyone from novice to seasoned birders.


For the Home

We all need a pick me up sometimes and our shade-grown organic coffee answers that call with vigor each and every morning.  Featuring a variety of blends and roasts, while supporting bird vital bird habitat in winter ranges, as birders, we don’t need much more of an excuse to buy these great beans.


We also carry a variety of stakes and railing brackets for hanging feeders around the home and in your garden.  Our short stakes are easily placed in the ground and allow for hanging feeders such as hummingbird feeders.


Deck Clamp Arm with Brass Tip

We also carry specialized railing brackets that are perfect for those living in apartments or for simply hanging on a balcony, giving would-be birders who may be without a back yard, a chance to enjoy the world of birding.


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