Birding or bird watching – it’s good for the soul. With millions of birders here in North America alone, it is one of the fastest-growing pastimes of folks during all twelve months of the season.

Much as any other hobby, there is a slight learning curve for birding and those exposed to it can attest to the addicting qualities that bird watching instills in all of us.

For the first-time birder, there is much to think about. Before heading out and randomly selecting a feeder and generic seed, we always recommend a quick habitat assessment around your yard. Just as we always suggest before heading out into the field, look for habitat first and then you are sure to find birds.


Your Yard Assessment

Much of this process you likely are already aware of. Whether you live in an urban environment with a small yard or in a rural environment will definitely influence your decision making moving forward.

As eastern Ontario’s backyard birding specialty store, we have spent countless hours determining the right seed and presentation methods for both situations.

For those in an urban environment, our Seasons Urban blend is your go-to seed. Blended with the right ingredients such as sunflower seed, peanuts, steel-cut corn and more – it provides something for all kinds of seed-eating birds.

Conversely, our Seasons Woodlands blend is a little heartier for birds in a more rural environment who perhaps might expend more energy in their daily lives. Including much of the same ingredients, this blend has higher levels of carbohydrates and protein – both of which were designed using the scientific study of birds.

Presentation Options

While sprinkling some seed on the ground may inevitably bring birds to your yard, you undoubtedly are in the market for some sort of feeder to offer the seed to your birds. This can also be an overwhelming exercise as the options are seemingly endless. Once again, using the assessment from your yard, you should be able to determine much of the species that inhabit the area.

From our platform feeders which can accommodate both perching and ground-feeding species to our specially-designed tube feeders which can only accommodate perching bird species, we can help you select what is best for your current situation.

Once you get started with one feeder, it does not take long before the rookie birder expands their offering into a variety of feeders.

At this point, many begin to venture into other seed blends (we have 17) as well as specialized seed such as nyjer seed for specific species such as finches.

No matter where you are at in your bird watching journey, we have the experience and know-how to move you along, helping you both attract more birds to your yard and eventually identify them as well!


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