Let’s say this; things are quite seasonal at the moment!

As we round the corner into the mid-portion of the month of November, temperatures are consistently below the freezing mark, our summer birds are long gone and we already have a number of our winter birds here in the Ottawa area.

With the transition from fall to winter becoming more imminent by the day, we have been fielding a ton of questions from social media and our YouTube channel about how they can best prepare their yard for the winter birding season.

In this week’s installment, we wanted to touch on two main factors that affect our birds this winter; shelter and water.  Here are our backyard recommendations for your nesting boxes as well as any birdbaths you might have out in your yard.


Transitioning Your Nesting Boxes

Some folks opt to take down their birdhouses and nesting boxes during the winter months, while others leave them up as a permanent fixture to their yards throughout the year. While many believe that these boxes are exclusively reserved for the spring and summer months while our birds are rearing young. The truth is, these boxes can and will be utilized throughout the winter as well, with a bit of preparation.

The first step is to get out there and clean those boxes out as they are likely filled with debris from the previous nesting season. We recommend scrubbing off any presence of mold and cleaning out any feathers or feces that might be left behind. By simply adding some cedar shavings, you can quickly and easily transition your nesting box into a winter roosting box for those birds that might be looking for a touch of a reprieve on those especially cold winter days and evenings.


We talk a lot about birdbaths here on our blog, on our YouTube channel and in the store and for good reason. As with most animals on this wonderful planet, our birds require shelter, food, and water to survive and as such, we can do a lot to help all of those factors.

When it comes to birdbaths in the winter months, you should consider investing in a heated birdbath that will keep the water from freezing throughout the winter.

Already have a birdbath? They can easily be transitioned to a heated one with one of our portable heating units as well. These units are completely external and can be placed inside any existing bath to make ready for winter!

For help with any of the above, feel free to contact us on social media, via email or pop in and see us at the store. We’d love to talk winter birding with you and continue to create the perfect backyard oasis for your birds.


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