Coming up this weekend is eBird’s second installment of their wildly popular Global Big Day bird watching event.  This year’s count takes place on May 14th, which also happens to be International Migratory Bird Day here in North America.

While for most birders, the Great Backyard Bird Count and Christmas Counts are always a big deal, Global Big Day is quickly dwarfing all other counts.  The inaugural count held last year on May 9th was comprised of 14,000 people spread out across 135 countries.  In total, over 6,000 species of birds were recorded during the 24-hour period, with over 290 species recorded in the United States alone.


How It Works

It’s easy!  There are no minimum requirements, other than having access to eBird.  Organizers are encouraging birders of all ages to get out in some way, shape or form on May 14th and record even just one sighting.  Whether you are out birding for the day, gone for a walk on your lunch break or taking an evening stroll, you can be a part what is being touted as the biggest day of birding the world has ever known.

You can either submit using eBird’s website or by downloading eBird Mobile on your smartphone, like 60,000 other birders around the world.

Why Global Big Day

It’s about the community.  While organizers are looking forward to analyzing a ton of data on the busiest day of the year, one of their favourite parts is the stories they hear about local engagement and participation.  Let’s face it, we do this almost every day of our live because we love it, it brings us closer to nature and is a great talking point with similar-minded friends and family.

In order to surpass last year’s global total, eBird is asking for both your sightings and your help spreading the word. Consider telling a friend, checking out the Facebook event, or tweeting using #GBD2016. You can also check out some free webinars in both English and Spanish.

eBird and birders around the world are counting on you!


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