After a quick stroll outside, it is easy to determine that old man winter is very much on his way for most of us, including our feathered friends.  When the temperatures drop, our winter birds need to maintain a high level of calorie intake to aid them in building up the proper body heat they need to survive the cold.

When the deep bitter cold of winter falls upon us over the next month or so, you will want to ensure you are feeding your birds properly and giving their bodies what they need to flourish this winter.  Here are a few of our recommendations for bird feed and seed through the winter months:


Aside from specially formulated summer suet (yes, we carry it!), this food is built for winter, as most folks fight with their suet melting into a mess over the warm summer months.  Suet offers birds a good chunk of calories, is easy to use and can be bought in a variety of sizes and flavors that you can use to attract a variety of winter birds to your feeders.


This small and fine bird seed is a favorite to many birds given its small size.  The oily texture and makeup of this seed also provide your birds with the necessary calories during winter months.  In the store, we carry two varieties of nyjer seed:  our Wild Finch Blend, combining fruit seeds, wild canary seed, and Nyjer as well as our Black Oil Nyjer Seed.  Given the pricey nature of this seed, be sure to evaluate the right type of feeder to minimize wastage.


Black Oil Sunflower

Perhaps the most versatile option out there today is the black oil sunflower seed.  Much like Nyjer seed, this is an oily seed product, especially when compared to other varieties of sunflower seed.  The thin shell of the black oil sunflower seed makes these seeds easily accessible and will most likely attract the largest variety of birds to your feeders this winter.

Gilligallou Bird Seed Blends

You guessed it!  We carry a variety of seed, each variety specifically formulated for specific times of the year.  When it comes to winter seed both our Seasons Woodland and Seasons Urban bird seed are reconfigured for the winter adding a base rich in carbohydrates to stimulate body heat.  Our Old Mill bird seed is also another hardy and carbohydrate-rich late summer, fall and winter alternative.  Still need more convincing?  Find out why our bird seed is the best!


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