A selection of heated bird baths from in-store!

Providing your backyard birds with a properly maintained, clean and reliable water source is not only beneficial to the birds that already visit your yard, it can actually help attract more birds to your yard.

A birdbath serves a variety of functions for your backyard birds, not only giving them a place to drink water but also allowing them to clean themselves and stay healthy. There are a wide variety of different bird baths on the market today, and as a birder, you should know the differences between the most common types to properly assess the best fit for both your yard and your birds.

Ground or Pedestal Bird Bath

The ground or pedestal birdbath design is probably the most common in backyards today. Both types effectively sit on the ground, the main difference is a pedestal style bird bath features, you guessed it, a pedestal. While a ground feeder will simply look like a bowl or basin resting on the ground. Both styles come in many different designs and are typically quick and easy to install and set up.

Fountain Bird Bath

Just the noise of running water is often more than enough to start attracting birds to your new birdbath, and a fountain design does just that. The different styles of fountain baths make a perfect bathing basin in either the spray or gravity-style drip fountains.

Heated Bird Baths

As you might have guessed, heated bird baths might just be perfectly suited to colder climates and late fall, winter and early spring temperatures. Birds do in fact have the ability to convert snow and ice into drinking water, but a heated bath gives them the opportunity to have an easy source of water available, and to store excess energy for body heat during harsh winters.

Hanging Bird Baths

Often suspended by a cord or chain, the hanging bird bath is your most economical choice being much less expensive than most other types of bird baths on the market. Obviously because they must be hung by hand, the capacity is much smaller, so a little more diligence is needed to keep hanging bird baths full all year round.


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