We often get asked how to attract certain species of birds that do not typically eat seed, like many species of warblers. This high speed and high-energy birds are coveted in the birding world and are truthfully one of our personal favourites.

Warblers feed mainly on insects and are relatively reserved and shy. These birds, however, are a delight to observe with their often colourful plumage and wonderful vocals. Here are a few ways you can make your backyard more warbler-friendly:


This is a big one for attracting any species of bird to your backyard. As we said, warblers feast primarily on insects, so try to back off the use of harmful pesticides and insecticides. Warblers also enjoy snacking on fruit and berries, so consider planting some berry bushes or taking care of those that might already be growing on your property. Although it may be tough to tempt these birds with seed, suet at times can serve as both a great attractant and healthy snack for these active birds.



These birds love bushy areas for shelters and recluse. It is not very often you will find warblers in wide open spaces, keeping your backyard lush will only help these birds feel more secure and safe. Brush piles, overgrown thickets, and deciduous trees are a sure-fire bet to creating a warbler friendly habitat close to home.


Tying in with food, water is another great attractant not only for warblers but for most species of birds. While a stationary bird bath might do the trick for other birds, warblers will be much more likely to visit a bird bath featuring a dripper or a bubbler. Moving water will be your best bet to catching the eye of these fast-moving birds and placing it in a relatively bushy or secluded area will help them feel safe to visit.

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