Yes, that’s right.  It isn’t even Christmas yet and we are already talking about spring preparations!

As most of us very well understand, our passion for birding and habitat creation runs deep and no sooner do we finish setting up for one season, the preparation begins for the following season.   While winter birding is a wonderful activity and time of year, the spring migration is enjoyed by many as it brings new species, new beginnings and new birds.

With that in mind, we wanted to touch on one particular species that, quite frankly, is in a bit of trouble.  Dazzling through the sky performing acrobatic displays is typically where you will first witness a purple martin.  These cavity-nesting birds are bound to existing nesting sites such as old woodpecker hollows and other natural cavities and crevices.  To many, locating existing nesting sites for these birds seems like a relatively simple task, and to the populations in the western regions of North America, it is usually the case.

On the other hand, those birds that reside east of the Rocky Mountains are not so autonomous.  In fact, the entire eastern race of purple martins in North America is 100 percent dependent on human-provided nesting sites.


Yes, all of them.

So what can we do?

Purple Martin Houses

There are a number of products on the market today specifically designed to help these birds and these custom-designed houses are one of the best ways to do so.    One such product that we have proudly carried for a number of years is the M12K Purple Martin House.  Likely the best purple martin house on the market, this 12-room nesting box includes a roof perch, guard rails that surround the house, swing-out doors, winter hole caps, mounting bracket and dri-nest sub-floors.  Another unique feature is that this package also comes equipped with life-like decoys, which raise the comfort level of scouting martins looking for nesting sites in the spring.


To complement this house, we also carry the optional telescopic pole for mounting your house atop.  This pole comes in three sections, and is easily raised or lowered between 5 and 14 feet for convenient access to the house.

If you would like to start your preparations to attract Purple Martins to your yard we would love to help, stop by and see us.


Purple martins love insects and as such, providing them with some high-quality mealworm will help attract them to your yard as the Purple Martin scouts survey areas looking for spring nesting sites.  Our mealworm products are naturally dried, and are high in protein; fat and potassium to give these high-flying birds the energy they need to survive, breed and nest.


In addition to purple martins, mealworm also works great at attracting bluebirds, flickers, nuthatches, siskins and more such as overwintering Robins and other bug-eating birds that arrive in spring.


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