As most of you already know, we have a deep “seeded” passion for all things natural and more importantly, keeping them that way.

While much of what we do is focused on the birds, the fact of the matter is, everything is so deeply connected that we cannot ignore it.

Starting from the soil and leading right up to the stars in the sky, there is a unique balance and harmony that exists so that all of us can thrive and survive. As part of a system that is much bigger than all of us, we cannot stress the importance of our natural world enough.

Without the sunshine, rain, birds, bees and other insects, we are without the very basis for our existence.  That’s a fact.

As our continued quest to not only bring this to light but to raise the collective awareness of the problems currently plaguing our natural world, we got together with some special friends last week.

We first met Katrina at Kinburn Farms through the power of social media and she has since become a trusted friend and ally for the fight to protect our natural world. As the owner of a small family farm just west of Ottawa, Katrina has proudly expanded into educational workshops, teaching local residents the power of sustainable farming and gardening.



When it comes to value, not much beats the workshops offered by Kinburn Farms. For under $50, you can take part in one of these highly educational and informative sessions. Held at various locations in rural Ottawa west, the workshops include Sowing Your Seed, Backyard Chickens, Diggin’ In!, Container Gardening, Lawn to Lettuce and many others.

On-Site Consultations

Perfect for the newbie or those looking for a refresher, their on-site consultations give you an in-depth audit of your current practices and how you can improve them. Choose from either a garden consultation or their livestock option, depending on your unique needs.

Good Bugs vs. Bad Bugs

In addition to our in-depth chat about the farm and all of the programming it provides, we also had the pleasure of talking about the bugs. Having talked at length about bugs and their role in the natural environment, chatting about bugs that are good for your gardens such as ladybugs and those that are bad (stink bugs etc) was a pleasure.


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