To most of us here in the great white north, the summer heat is something we long for during our long, cold winters. As we head into the middle of July, the outdoor temperatures are sizzling, to say the least. As we hear warnings through television and media outlets of the effects of heat on pets, children and the elderly, folks also often wonder how our backyard birds beat the extreme summer heat.

Here are a few common ways our feathered friends stay cool during the summer heat:


Much like man’s best friend, birds will actually open their beaks and pant when the going gets hot. Opening their bills and breathing aids the bird in dissipating heat during high temperatures.


Head for Water

We always recommend keeping birdbaths clean and full and the summer months are certainly no exception. This time of year, birds will enjoy a nice bath to beat the hot temperatures.

Head for the Sky

Look up on hot days and you will often find additional birds soaring. Not only does this require slightly less energy for the birds, but they will also often climb to altitudes where there is a cooler air temperature.

Slow it all down

Much like some of us humans, during the heat birds will often opt to simply lay low and take it easy during the daytime hours in which the sun and temperatures are the most severe.

Spread ‘em out

Common among frigate birds in the southern United States, you can often find birds spreading their feathers our, especially if a slight breeze is blowing through.

In addition to the above, we always recommend plentiful amounts of water, the right seed for the season and may even a mister or dripper to advertise your watering oasis to birds passing through.


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