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Whether you are a life-long bird enthusiast, or new to the birding game, everyone has areas on which they can improve on. As with anything you do in life, the more time to allocate to performing a specific activity and immersing yourself fully into it, the better you will eventually be at the chosen avocation.

Here are a few tips that can help you be a better birder!

Learn to use your ears

This one is so important, and can really “wow” an audience. The ability to track and identify birds strictly by sound is a difficult task and requires a fair amount of practice. The fact of the matter is, the more skilled you become at birding by ear; you will begin to find that you are able to detect even the most subtle difference in individual bird’s songs.

Grab at least two field guides

Every field guide is different and depending on a wide variety of situations, individual field guides can offer quite a different point of view. Each field guide differing in illustrations, detail and descriptive language, it’s always a good idea to diversify your bird reference portfolio. Need help choosing the right guide? Check out Our 5 Recommended Bird Identification Books.


Plan properly

Whether you are going for a walk nearby your home, or out on a dedicated identification expedition, planning is key. Knowing where and when your prospective birds might be, along with having the proper gear handy, will ensure your birding experience is a successful one.

Know what birds eat

Every species is different in some way, even with their choice of food. The more you learn about the foods they eat, the easier you will be able to identify them by unique features such as bill size and caching behavior.


When in the field you want to know everything, right down to the smallest detail in the relevant field markings on your feathered objects of affection. You will not only want to learn their physical attributes but also how to attract them and identify birds by their unique behaviours.


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