Love is certainly in the air this time of the year for our backyard birds.  As more and more of our summer residents continue to arrive here in the Ottawa area, we are treated to lovely spring mornings filled with fluttering birds and their accompanying songs.

As we progress into the month of May, those that have not already begun the nesting process will soon get it underway as they prepare for this year’s brood of chicks.  Before that begins, however, our feathered friends first must attract a suitable mate to create a new generation of birds for us to enjoy for years to come.

While there are several different ways and nuances specific to each bird species when it comes to attracting a mate, the three below generally fit most of the species found here in our neck of the woods.


As much as we may enjoy them, they are not for us.  These peaceful and melodic tunes we are treated to, especially during the early morning, are strategic in nature.  During this time of year, these songs are different than those you might hear later in the summer or fall months and that is because they are utilizing their vocals to display their strong genes and breeding prowess.

Male birds will work hard to belt out the most intricate variety of songs this time of year to establish their intelligence and catch the attention of that special someone.

Soft Touches

Where personal space is not an issue, some birds will get up close and personal to persuade a possible mate for the season.  A look out your window this time of year will often reveal some chasing activity, birds closely situated to one another and even close encounters such as preening.


Some species even get so close as to offer up food as a display of their abilities to provide for a growing family.


Like putting the hammer to nail, several male bird species will begin building a nest pre-emptively assuming the will snatch up the girl of their dreams.  In addition to nest construction, many will go the extra mile, decorating the newly-constructed abode with pebbles, moss and even flowers to further impress members of the opposite sex.



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