Relatively easy to locate by listening for the telltale sound of their beak working its way through the bark on a nearby tree, woodpeckers are a true delight to have part of your backyard oasis.  While some might find the noise, and in some cases, damage, to be incessant, there truly are more benefits than drawbacks to having these efficient and aesthetically pleasing birds close by.

Attracting woodpeckers is usually a fairly easy task so long as you have some trees nearby.  Utilizing not only live trees, but woodpeckers are also adamant about exploring dead trees and snags as these are typical safe havens for a variety of insects they enjoy feeding on.  As part of our habitat creation projects, we promote wood piles, decaying logs, composting leaves, and sticks. Here you will also see the Northern Flickers and possible the Pileated Woodpecker.


Woodpeckers will also take kindly to suet feeders, there are many styles and types of suet feeders from our suet logs, to our window hanger with suet Acorn. We have visits right to our window from all three types of woodpeckers we have here in Ontario. 


A pileated visiting Bob’s window feeder over the winter months.

Here are a few reasons why you should do more to attract woodpeckers to your yard:

They Won’t Leave You 

These birds typically remain in the same range throughout the year meaning once a woodpecker makes a home nearby, they are very unlikely to leave you.  These birds will remain close to reliable food and water sources and will treat you to their sightings through every season of the year.

They Are Eclectic 

As one of the most recognizable bird species here in North America, woodpeckers have been a favourite sight to many over the years.  In addition to their shapes and sizes, they are equipped with a beautifully patterned plumage that guarantees to delight birders of all walks of life.  

In addition to their stunning markings, these birds are also equipped with dynamic personalities, making them a pleasure to observe.


Downy Woodpecker

They Eat Their Weight in Insects 

Not many birds can rival the number of insects consumed by larger woodpeckers.  These birds work tirelessly foraging for insects which can turn out to be a gardeners dream!  As avid gardeners work to create the ideal habitat for birds, woodpeckers can do their part in keeping the insect population in check.


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