More and more birders are beginning to take their bird watching on the road, even going as far as to design domestic and international travel for birding activities. Let’s face it, the world is a big place, and each geographical location boasts different species, habitats, and climates for birds and those of us that love to watch them.

Here are three trips we’ve researched that would provide both a relaxing vacation, as well as a chance to spot some local feathers.

Spot A Bee Hummingbird in Cuba

So much more than beaches, mojitos and old Havana, Cuba is home to around 350 different species of birds, one of them being the smallest bird in the world. Measuring at a meager 2 inches in length, the Bee Hummingbird is often referred to as the “penny Hummingbird”, denoting its small size and weight. It derives its name from constantly being mistaken for a bumble bee, beating their wings around 80 times per second.

You will most likely need to get off the resort to get a glimpse at one of these tiny birds; undeveloped natural regions are the choice of most birders in Cuba. Enlist a local guide to check out areas like mangrove swamps or the Vinales National Park, where among other species you can spot Zapata Wrens, Cuban Pygmy Owls, and Fernandina’s Flicker.

“Beep Beep” Keep Up With Roadrunners in Arizona

This is a top choice for most due to the popularity of the Looney Tunes character famously fooling Wile E Coyote every chance he got. For the best shot at having a peek at this speedy bird, head to southern Arizona and keep your eyes peeled for this bird, often seen goofing around. These birds were born to run and thrive in the harsh landscape that is the southwestern US. These birds are often quite comfortable around humans and have been known to do some unusual things, including killing rattlesnakes.

If you are in the area; get yourself to the San Pedro Riparian National Conservation Area for a glimpse at roadrunners, quails and a variety of hummingbirds often sighted in the area.

View A Million Bird Migration In Sweden

When it comes to autumn migration, nowhere on Earth can compare to approximate 500 million birds that migrate over Falsterbo, Sweden from northern Europe and Russia each year. Most locals suggest the lighthouse at Ottenby, where locals pass the time by counting millions of birds as they pass by. On any given morning it is said that over half a million bramblings and chaffinches fly overhead.

The lighthouse offers a great area for spotting a variety of raptors as well, like honey buzzards, ospreys, merlins and goshawks.


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