It’s a big day and to be honest, we’re pretty darn excited about it!

Thanks to each and every one of you and many others, we hit a major online milestone this month as the odometer rolled over 100,000 views on our YouTube channel!

After opening our flagship store in Almonte in 2011, we also opened our YouTube channel that very same year. The problem was; we didn’t do a darn thing with it until about two years ago.


Since then, we’ve been consistently documenting and creating content for our customers, subscribers and friends and family members.

As such, we wanted to run down some of our most popular content for you in case you might have missed it over the years. There is so much more on our channel and we hope you’ll subscribe and continue to take part in all of the interactive content we produce.

Top 3 Most Viewed Videos

Always a popular subject to those trying to keep bully birds away from certain feeders in their yard. While this definitely does not apply to all birders (most welcome all species of birds), there are a lot of folks who want to help out the smaller songbirds and keep them fed throughout the spring and summer seasons!

Hummingbirds are an extremely popular subject, particularly here in the Ottawa area during the spring and summer months. 

One of our most popular products both in our store and online is our Squirrel Buster products. Canadian made, these feeders are some of the best solutions to keeping squirrels from raiding your bird feeders and are always flying off of our shelves.

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