Wood-Craft 2 lb Pack Axe - 24"

Axe by Council Tool
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The Council Tools Wood-Craft 24" Pack Axe is an outstanding mix of design, materials, and craftsmanship that makes for a precise, clean, powerful axe for bushcraft and woodcraft. The 24" Wood-Craft Pack Axe is a great all-around, all-purpose axe that you can use for limbing, felling small to medium trees, and is actually a very good splitter as well. Can also be used for cutting, chopping, splitting, carving, shaving, hewing, or hammering, and excels at bushcraft and woodcraft tasks where functions of both a knife and axe can be combined.


  • Drop forged from 100% 5160 knife steel,
  • 2 lb head, phantom bevels, and a flat, Scandinavian grind.
  • Features a hardened (tempered) blade and poll.
  • Phantom bevels which makes it easier to get back out of wood after driving it in.
  • The pool of the Wood-Craft Pack Axe is hardened so you can use it to pound on your trailer hitch, iron stakes, nails, or other metal implements.
  • An expertly fitted premium hickory handle with an ergonomic "fawn's foot" knob swell provides comfortable, functional swinging under use.
  • Includes a fully welted chocolate brown leather mask.
  • Made in the USA

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