The festive season is fast approaching which means — it’s time to start working on your gift list! With the manufacturing and supplying issues that have plagued us this year, it’s more important than ever to get through that list early. Luckily, we’ve got you covered for all the bird and nature lovers on your list, no matter your budget!

Under $200

Heated birdbath

heated bird bath

Heated birdbaths are a great addition to any backyard. In the winter, birds are on the lookout for running water, and so a heated birdbath means a variety of birds will be attracted to your backyard, that might not have been otherwise.

Get a heated birdbath for $178

Large fly through feeder

 Large fly through feeder

This large platform feeder is totally handmade in Canada with white cedar and brass screws, ensuring it'll last for many winters to come. Platform feeders attract all kinds of birds, like blue jays and cardinals.

Get a large fly through feeder for $129.99.

Campfire grill

 GOSO grill

The perfect gift for your loved one who adores cooking over an open fire, this 2-level stainless steel grill is easy to carry, easy to clean, and will never rust or warp.

Get a campfire grill for $129.99.

Birdbath deicer

Bird Bath Deicer

If you know the birder in your life already has a birdbath in their backyard, consider picking them up this deicer, so they can use and enjoy their birdbath year-round!

Get a birdbath deicer for $126

Squirrel Buster suet feeder

 Squirrel Buster Suet Feeder

If the birder in your life wants to offer suet to birds, but doesn't want to feed the squirrels, this is the perfect feeder for them! This squirrel buster suet feeder holds two suet cakes and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Get a squirrel buster suet feeder for $125.99.

Erva pole system

Pole system in yard

Erva pole systems are the pinnacle of backyard birding, allowing birders to set up a variety of feeders anywhere in their yard, keeping squirrels and other creatures out. There are a variety of different configurations you can choose for your pole system, so make sure you pick up all the components you need.

Get an Erva pole system for a variety of prices

Under $100

Bug shirt

Bug shirt

If you or your loved one plans on spending any time in the woods next summer —you need the original bugshirt! This lightweight, breathable shirt protects against mosquitos, sand fleas, and even the tiniest no-see-ums. This holiday season, give someone the gift of no bug bites! 

Get a bug shirt for $98.99.

Tube feeder

Tube feeder

Is your loved one a finch lover? This tube feeder is specifically designed to attract House Finches, Cassin’s Finches, Rosy Finches, Pine Siskins, Indigo Buntings, and other finch species! It's also easy to clean and made of UV stabilized polycarbonate, which means it won't warp or leach chemicals in the sun.

Get a tube feeder for $85.99.

Squirrel Buster Finch feeder

Squirrel Buster Feeder

For those finch lovers who are sick of squirrels stealing all of their precious seed - this Squirrel Buster Finch Feeder is for them! Easy to fill, clean, and backed by a two-year hassle-free warranty, this feeder is the perfect addition to any birder's backyard.

Get a Squirrel Buster finch feeder for $81.99.

Wine tote and glass gift set

Wine Glass Set

This insulated tote is the perfect gift for the camper who enjoys a glass of wine by the fire! The tote comes with two nesting wine glasses, is easy to carry, and has a spout for easy pouring.

Get a wine glass gift set for $65.99.

Java mill coffee grinder

Java Mill

There's nothing better than a nice cup of coffee on a cool morning - and with this compact, easy-to-use grinder, you can have that cup anywhere! This grinder has been designed to be lightweight and easy to pack, while still providing the perfect ground for your coffee

Get a java mill for $59.99.

Trekking poles

Trekking poles

If you have a hiker on your list - consider gifting them some trekking poles! Trekking poles help to incorporate your entire body while you're hiking, which means you can move faster, without injuring yourself. These poles are lightweight and can be adjusted to your desired height.

Get trekking poles for $59.99.

Bee house

bee house

For the wannabe beekeepers on your list - this cedar, handmade bee house is the perfect gift! This bee house was designed for solitary bees, which make for great pollinators! 

Get a bee house for $72.99.

Neal Yard skincare kit

Skincare Kit

This Neal's Yard skincare kit is filled with award-winning products that will help revitalize, replenish, and recharge your skin. Created with organic ingredients and natural antioxidants, this kit is the perfect gift for anyone who wants to try out this award winning skincare line!

Get a Neal Yard skincare kit for $60.

Kids bug shirt

Kids bug shirt

If you have any kids on your list that love to join you in the woods, gift them their own lightweight, breathable bugshirt! They'll definitely thank you for protecting them from the creepy crawlies next summer.

Get a kid's bug shirt for $59.99.

Under $50

Cardinal Feeder

Cardinal Feeder

This beautiful red feeder is specifically designed to attract cardinals, but it will also appeal to any clinging or perching birds. Squirrel-damage resistant, this feeder will hold up to 2.5 lbs of Black Oil Sunflower seed. 

Get a cardinal feeder for $49.99.

Wren nesting box

Wren Nesting Box

 This beautiful cedar nesting box is designed for male wrens to prepare for female wrens, come mating season. However, for winter you can also convert this nesting box into a roosting site.

Get a wren nesting box for $49.60.

Neal Yard Foaming Bath

Neal Yard Bath

Who doesn't love a nice warm bath, especially during the chilly winter months? Every foaming bath in this collection has been specifically blended with essential oils, providing a different experience with every bath.

Get a Neal Yard's bath kit for $49.

Bug Gaiters

Bug Gaiters

Over the last couple of years, ticks have grown more and more numerous. That's why it's more important than ever to protect your ankles - and these bug gaiters will do exactly that! You can wear these bug gaiters over any pants of your choosing.

Get bug gaiters for $45

Window Cafe Feeder

Window Cafe

This year, give your loved ones the gift of getting up close and personal with their feathered friends! This window feeder is made out of polycarbonate and comes with a lifetime guarantee. A portion of the proceeds from your purchase also goes to support Aspect conservation programs!

Get a window cafe feeder for $44.95.

Hummingbird window feeder

Hummingbird Feeder

This window feeder is specifically designed to attract hummingbirds - some of our favourite feathered friends! Easy to fill and clean, this hummingbird feeder also comes with a lifetime guarantee. 

Get a hummingbird feeder for $43.99.

Hanging birdbath

Hanging bird bath

Birdbaths are incredibly important, as they provide water for birds to drink and clean themselves in. This beautiful birdbath has been a weathered stone finish that was hand-applied.

Get a hanging bird bath for $43.99.

Hanging cage

Hanging cage

Hanging cages are one of the most popular products we carry - and for good reason! This cage can be mounted over tube feeders and helps to keep squirrels and nuisance birds out.

Get a hanging cage for $42.

Squirrel Diner

Squirrel Diner

This squirrel diner is the perfect gift for the nature lover who has a soft spot for squirrels! It can be mounted to a tree, fence, or deck, and filled with peanuts, seeds, or corn! As a bonus, by giving the squirrels some easy food to focus on, they're less likely to go after your bird feeders.

Get a squirrel diner for $41.99.

Peterson field guide to bird sounds of eastern North America

Peterson Field Guide

For any birder, knowing and recognizing bird sounds is one of the most important but most difficult skills to learn. This field guide makes it easy, using an innovative visual sounds graph.

Get a Peterson field guide for $40.

Hummingbird Feeder

Hummingbird Feeder

This hummingbird feeder is made out of polycarbonate and comes with a lifetime guarantee. Easy to clean and fill, this feeder is perfect for all hummingbird lovers.

Get a hummingbird feeder for $39.99.

Lantern Feeder

Lantern feeder

This lantern feeder is a beautiful addition to any bird-lovers backyard. The feeder comes with four ports, which allows multiple birds to dine at once. It's also easy to clean and fill and rust-resistant. 

Get a lantern feeder for $39.99.



Any camper knows, headlamps are an absolute must! This headlamp can be dimmed based on your preference and is controlled with easy-to-find buttons. Once on your head, it directing the light is totally effortless.

Get a headlamp for $39.99.

Under $30

Squirrel Bungee

Squirrel Bungee

As the saying goes, if you can't beat them - join them! Sometimes the best thing you can do in the fight against squirrels is to stop fighting at all. This squirrel bungee helps to divert squirrels from your bird feeders, and provides you with some lighthearted entertainment!

Get a squirrel bungee for $29.99.

5 lbs bag of seed


Our seed is the highest quality on the market, which means it contains only high-grade seed specifically designed to attract the birds you want to your backyard. If you're not sure which seed would be best for your loved one, check out our article on How to choose birdseed for your backyard.

Get 5 lbs bags of seed for under $25.

Stokes field guides

Stokes Field Guide

This field guide is the perfect gift for anyone who wants to improve their knowledge of birds in eastern North America. The guide includes thousands of photos, detailed descriptions of bird calls, and migration maps.

Get the Stokes field guide for $25.99.

Peanuts in shell wreath

Peanut Wreath

This wreath is specifically designed to provide peanuts to birds. This wreath is perfect for attracting blue jays and woodpeckers, and therefore keeping them out of your other feeders.

Get a peanut wreath for $25.99.

Neal's Yard hand lotion

Hand Lotion

Winter is here which means - dry and cracked hands are, unfortunately, right around the corner! This geranium and orange hand lotion is a light moisturizer to keep skin and nails protected and enriched, and is recommended for all skin types.

Get a Neal's Yard hand lotion for $25.

Bush Beard butter

Bush Beard Butter

If you've got a beard-wearer on your list - consider gifting them this amazing beard butter this year! This beard butter helps to condition beards, making them appear fuller. It also helps to shape beards with its light to medium hold. 

Get Bush Beard butter for $24



Do you want to give the gift of a great cup of coffee, while also aiding in the fight of habitat destruction? Then gift a bad of Gilligallou coffee! This coffee comes in multiple different roasts and is organic, shade-grown, and guaranteed bird friendly.

Get a bag of coffee for $22.95.

Window bird feeder

Window Feeder

 This feeder is a low cost version of the Window Cafe. For half the price, you can provide the same up close and personal birding experience for your bird-loving loved ones!

Get a window bird feeder for $19.99.



A GoGirl is the perfect stocking stuffer for all the ladies on your list! We won't be coy - the GoGirl gives women the freedom to pee while standing up, saving them from searching for a crowded, dirty, or non-existent bathroom.

Get a GoGirl for $19.99.

Bird call

Bird Call

Another wonderful stocking stuffer, this bird call's sound is produced by simply twisting it. Bird calls help to attract birds to your area by convincing them that there are other birds nearby. 

Get a bird call for $19.99.

Weather stick

Weather Stick

The Canadian weather stick is a fun gift for everyone on your list! After acclimatizing to your unique environment, it will bend or stand up straight, depending on the incoming weather. These sticks can help you predict the weather for more than ten years!

Get a weather stick for $16.99

thistle sock feeder

Our least expensive feeder we carry - this sock feeder is perfect for providing Nyjer seed. It will attract goldfinches, redpolls, and siskins to any birder's backyard.

Get a thistle seed sock feeder for $6.99.


Hopefully that gives you some ideas about what to get your bird and nature lovers this holiday season! If you want any personalized recommendations, feel free to send us a message or stop by our store!

Any questions? Comment them below! And be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to never miss out on important birding info, as well as exclusive offers and deals on Gilligallou products!

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