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Winter Spotlight – The Pileated Woodpecker

Unmistakable in many ways and easily one of our favourite suet visitors is the pileated woodpecker. Unmistakable in size, shape, appearance and sound, these large woodpeckers have the ability to...

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Protecting Habitat Through Responsible Logging

Protecting Habitat Through Responsible Logging

If you know us at all or have watched or read any of our content on our website or YouTube channel, you are already aware of our commitment to long-term...

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A Merry Christmas and Reflection of 2018

As if passing us by in the blink of an eye, we are rounding the corner into Christmas and eventually, a new year. This time of year is a special...

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The Different Variations of Dark-Eyed Juncos

One of our favourite winter birds, an unknown truth to many is that these birds actually come in a variety of geographic variations - let's break each one down!

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